I believe that at some point, creating art becomes all about the aesthetic, subconscious knowledge of the mind. It is necessary to diligently study all aspects of art, to train the eye to understand the core design aspects of the piece without much conscious thought. This way upon painting, the eye is able to recognize and react to everything the hand is doing, and allow the artist’s personal experiences, conceptual inspirations to be the drive behind the work. All of an artist's experiences and emotions affect their art in some way, whether they realize it or not, and by studying everything from basic design elements to abstract concepts, the artist can pool their experiences into a successful piece. In this series, the object is to find a balance between the focus on lines and shapes. The sharp contrast between the flattened linear figures and the looser strokes of the background allow the figures to fit into and inhabit the space created in the painting, but maintain their individual force with an almost weightlessness.